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These wine glasses are so festive!  They bring out a touch of sunshine on a rainy day!
  - Joni, OR

I use my "Lani" glass for wine at home, but when a friend gave me a "Leah" glass at work, I decided to use it there.  Hence, I started  drinking my water in my wine glass and have never looked back!

I got the wine glasses today and I LOVE THEM!!!!!!  I am soooo excited about the
others! I love Estella with its beach theme...and the colors of the bottom of the glass are
perfect. I am amazed at Gladys and Dolores..both the top and the bottom designs are
gorgeous! I'm going to have to place another order soon :) I am addicted to your glasses :P
- Laura, MD

Oh my gosh, I’m speechless !!  The glasses are BEAUTIFUL !! Everyone commented on how gorgeous they are and the ones for the Auction are perfect !!  Love them !!
- Lisa, PA