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Lani Designs has been selling glassware since 2000.  Started by Kristy Rothenberger Peters as a hobby, it quickly became a demanding one with friends, neighbors and friends of friends asking for the hand painted glassware. Keeping it alive throughout college, finally in 2004 a website was born to showcase all the designs that were offered, but it was still a side business. A few cities, and 6 years later, Kristy's dream of opening a studio and selling glasses to other lovers of "hand made", happened. In November of 2009, Lani Designs opened a full time studio in Philadelphia. It is from this studio that we lovingly paint, fire, pack and ship all orders. With a Business Degree and six years of hands on experience in the advertising and business world, Kristy is giving the business a shot. So far so good!

Kristy Says:
Its all about the details. This has been a mantra throughout my whole life and exhibited itself in many ways, so painting with the same mentality came naturally to me. I make sure each glass is finished to perfection, whether it be the first or the 1000th time I've painted it. The details are what make the glasses special. Each stroke and dot are purposefully put there and adjusted for every particular glass to make it look the best when it is finished. One of my main motivations is to provide an alternative to the mass produced items that you have no choice but to find everywhere. I love finding interesting one of a kind things, and wanted to give this opportunity to others. In a world full of mass produced items, hand made is the luxury.  And this couldn't be more true for me.

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