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Lani glassware is often the life of the party, and can turn any time of day into happy hour.  And with so many unique designs, we're bound to have the perfect Lani - or Pamela, or even Dottie - for that one-of-a-kind friend.

Formal Setting A nice, uniform collection elevates even leftovers to a beautiful, formal meal.
(Design Shown: Lani)


A Counter Meal
A casual dinner is all the more festive with a rainbow of Spring Fling beauties.

(Designs shown: Ethel, Dolores, Gladys, Vivian)

Margarita at the Beach!
Our Beachy Keen collection has a hidden identity: margarita glasses!
(Design shown: Custom - Estella top with Beverly bottom)

Glasses on a rack
Even hung by the bar, a Lani glass is never a wallflower.
(Designs shown: Joy, Leah, Hummer, Tasha, Patsy, Shirley, Lani)

Wine & CheeseA few nibbles, a DVD and just the two of you: that's a Lani kind of night.
(Designs shown: Tillie)

Building your own suite of coordinating colors and designs...very Lani. 
(Designs shown: Stan, Rocco)