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Who We Are

President and Creative Director, Kristy Peters, always knew she wanted to be an artist.  Painting trinkets and doo-dads as a kid, then moving to glassware as a hobby in college, word got out about her bold looks and cheery palettes.  Her mom - world traveler and longtime Kristy cheerleader - noticed too.  In fact, she brought home a lovely hand-panted wine glass from a trip and quickly upended Kristy's advertising career: "You should be painting on these," she said.  Kristy agreed.

In 2000, Lani (which means "beautiful" in Hawaiian) Designs was officially born, and LaniDesigns.com joined as a shoppable site in 2004.  With business like gangbusters and the dining room table too full of art supplies to eat, Kristy moved Lani Designs into a fulltime studio in 2009.  Now her staff of artists and designers lovingly paint, fire, pack and ship every order from this inspiring Philadelphia studio space.

As an artist, Kristy finds the joy is all in the details.  It's been a personal mantra her whole life, and stands the the test at Lani.  Whether they're painting a design for the first or one-thousand-and-first time, Lani makes sure each swirl, each dot and each flower petal is finished to perfection.  It's the beauty of getting something handmade by artists who love what they do: all the quality of a professional, with the charm of something unique.