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Quality Commitment

In our book, nothing kills a good time like a smudged flip flop.  That's why we insist on top-quality materials, a careful eye and the TLC that only comes with handmade goods. 

Great glassware: We insist on the good stuff-not so thin that it breaks, not too thick that it's hunky.

Precious paints: Of course, our paint is non-toxic.  But we love it for so many other reasons, too: a high-gloss shine that's more festive than matte; light-fastness so that colors won't fade: scratch resistance to fend off cocktail rings; and top-rack dishwasher safeness to keep your manicure fresh. 

Smart studio practices: We dry and fire each glass by hand, waiting the full 24-hours for maximum paint adhesion.

An artist's touch: Our painters paint by memory, not by stencils, and never smear, nick or blob our designs.  Plus, we put each glass through a five-point review process to be sure it exceeds all quality standards.